Allied Legal’s commercial lawyers understand the challenges of starting up and growing a new business.  The inception of a new company is the time when specialist legal advice and support is most urgently required.  Allied Legal understands that this also happens to be the time when financial resources are at their most scarce.  Our goal is to provide you with the legal advice and support that you need to succeed, but on the basis of a fee arrangement which supports, rather than frustrates, the growth of the business during the start-up and scale-up phases. Many of our start-up and early stage clients are led by entrepreneurs who have left corporate roles in industry.  We enjoy working with such individuals and aim to be viewed as their trusted advisor as they continue to grow and prosper. We use fixed fee arrangements wherever possible, which will provide you with greater certainty and transparency over costs. We can also be flexible in agreeing sensible and realistic time to pay arrangements. We seek to give your start-up the best possible chance of succeeding by:
  1. ensuring that all of our legal advice is partner led;
  2. agreeing to fee arrangements that accommodate your cash flow challenges; and
  3. using our extensive network of contacts to help you capitalise on funding and investment opportunities
  Allied Legal understands the financial pressures faced by start-ups.  Allied Legal seeks to work with start-ups and help them grow.  To ease the legal cost burden, Allied Legal has sought to “commoditise” legal services requested by many start-ups as per the below (prices below are GST exclusive).  

Initial Consultation

Free 30 minute initial consultation

Shareholders Agreement

Starting from $1,250

Term Sheet

Starting from $750

Trust Deeds


Business Sale Agreement

Starting from $2,500

Online Terms & Conditions

Starting from $1,250

Loan Agreement

Starting from $1,500

Employment Agreement

Starting from $1,000

Contractor Agreement

Starting from $1,000

Convertible Loan Agreement

Starting from $1,500

Supply Agreement

Starting from $1,250

Commercial Lease Agreement

Starting from $1,250

Partnership Agreement

Starting from $1,500

Joint Venture Agreement

Starting from $2,000

Licence Agreement

Starting from $1,250

Other Agreements

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